Troppo Cielo

‘Troppo Cielo’ (too much sky) is an educational initiative with a funny name and big ambitions. Photography trainings include weekly classes and intensive 2-4 day workshops on location.

The aim of the courses is to train students in photo technique and composition, but also to inspire a better awareness of the meaning of ‘taking pictures’. Lessons combine theory and practice, with concepts coming from visual communication, anthropology, human interaction and prior experiences.

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Student gallery

Here is a collection of students’ photos from some past editions of the ‘basic course’. During the lessons, technic was explained with functional purposes and attention was focused on the content and the composition of the frames. During the practice, each person was free to follow a chosen subject: in the span of a few hours, some participants were able to build a coherent body of work, a small reportage. ( *authors’ name will appear on hover )

Venice 2018

Asolo 2018

January - February 2018

January - February 2017